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Miss Sophie Bricker.....The Eyes have it!

Sophie, The Whole World.  The Whole World, Sophie.  I think that it's important that we take this time to reflect on a couple points of fact.  #1  Sophie is as intelligent as she is gifted.  and #2 Since she is a native daughter of my mother land and the self proclaimed "Good Life" state of Nebraska, I feel like I should point out that she made it uncomfortably apparent what little effort that I put into my academics while in high school.  I mean holy crap between her and her sisters(whose senior pics I did two years ago) combined GPA's make my lifetime GPA  look like scratches on Andy Dufrenes cell wall before he learned how to manage pressure and time to escape Shawshank Prison.

Despite my extreme lack of brain straining effort during my High School years one things clear.  Sophie and I make a formidable team.  I met up with Sophie and her mom in Ashland, NE.  There's nothing quite like going to random feel good locations with clients who unload every ounce of trust in your abilities to come back with great portraits.  

At the time of this blog I'm pretty sure Sophie is about half way to her end goal.  I can't thank her or her brilliant family The Strickers(POPPA Stricker thank you for you service to this country!)enough for letting me and Sophie do our thing.  Good luck girl and everyone else keep tunneling through Shawshank!




RIDE OR DIE'S!!!!.............The Tucksedeauxs

It certainly doesn't go unnoticed by me that I am 100% certified one lucky bastard!!  I'm lucky to have the quality of friends and family that have my back and allow me to thrive in my profession.  The Tucksedeauxs are on the top of that short list of quality lunatics that I keep so closely to my chest.

Every year now for the last three years I have had the dubious honor of being dubbed the official photographer for this glorious Krewe of weirdos.  Now before you think I'm taking jabs at them you should know that I LOVE WEIRDO'S!!  This group is nothing short of brilliantly strange, ridiculously devoted and exhaustingly dedicated to the New Orleans tradition of Mardi Gras!

Based on the slew of labels I've given them each and every on of them may breathe a comforted sigh of relief knowing that any and all images posted are carefully selected and never incriminating! ;)  Nothing but the best for my RIDE OR DIE Family!!!!!!!  

Until Next Year You Beautiful Lunatics!!


(Not pictured - Angry Mobs around centuries old monuments, Dignity & Jeffery Wunder)

Shelby G.......We All Float Down Here! (Well at least one of us does)

Yes I realize that the caption of this blog will make you think of scary as all hell clowns and for that I do apologize.  With that being said I hope you can find the funny in it as well.  I know that my subject Shelby can and she was the one freezing her tiny little hiney off for this entire shoot.

Sometimes there are creative itches that just need to be scratched.  Hence this fun little collaboration with Shelby and my good pal and videographer extraordinaire, Kyle.  Kyle had a prop from a film that he'd worked on collecting dust in his back yard and we decided it would be pretty cool to fill it with water and submerge some poor young beautiful soul within it.  Enter Miss Shelby Griggs!  With makeup and other finishing touches provided by the brilliant Midori, we utilized two set ups, one indoor and one outdoor, and what you see in front of you are my images from both set ups.

I can't say enough about Shelby and her steadfast professionalism and overall bubbly attitude in the midst of a freezing cold environment.  We were constantly heating buckets of water on a stove to add to her enclosure to make it tolerable.  In spite of the weather making the water colder faster than we could make it warm Shelby gutted it up and was soon rewarded with a warmer environment in doors.  These type of shoots sound good in our heads but can always deliver less than fine results given the elements provided but thanks to my kick ass team I couldn't have predicted a better outcome.  We hope you enjoy them!




Hair and Make up by : Midori-Tajiri-Byrd


If you've been hiding under a rock for the last decade or so you should catch on to this posts title as the now infamous character from the animated tv show Family Guy. Why am I telling you this?  I know if you're a regular follower of my work, blogs or everyday shenanigans that I have faith in the fact you're well aware of that quote.

What on god's green glorious earth does that saying have to do with this smitten, ear to ear grinning couple?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  I just think it's freaking hilarious.  But also when I go back through my favorite images of this New York Power Couple I realize how infectious there smiles were to me.  Every aspect of their wedding catered to their individuality.  From (possibly the greatest wedding vows I've ever heard) there tear jerking and down right funny as hell ceremony to my first chance at working in the pristine and new New Orleans Ace Hotel. To an absolute brilliant and exhausting second line that parted Bourbon Street like the police at the stroke of midnight on Fat Tuesday!

Greta & Nick will always have my admiration.  In a world of conformity overload they did it exactly the way they wanted to.  These are the results I think Frank SInatra was getting at when he said, "I did it my way".  Many many many happy future endeavors and enjoy a life of obnoxiously big grins that stretch from ear to ear!



Contributing Vendors :  

The Ace Hotel, New Orleans, LA   :  Bride and Groom Lodging    

Pat O's On The River : Ceremony & Reception


Kinfolk Brass Band : Entertainment/Brass Band

Fashion and BBQ!

Wind the clock back a few months. A dear friend invites me to a Saints game.  Since I'm not completely mad I accepted.  She then suggests to meet at a new watering hole/eatery called Black Label Icehouse which I'm more than happy to have agreed upon.

Immediately upon sitting down I realized what a great location to do some photos at. Damian, the owner/operator of said establishment is a salt of the earth fellow who after sharing a shot of Jack and conversation over some metal music told me that I could come take photos at his establishment anytime.  Check and mate!!  

These are the shoots I live for.  After setting up a brilliant support element of Makeup Artists and Stylists with equal parts skill and crazy we set off to Black Label Icehouse with visions of Grace Jones in our hearts and BBQ on our minds.  YEAH!  That's how we do it!  

No outfits were harmed with BBQ sauce on this shoot!



Contributing Artists

Model -- Shawn Montgomery

Makeup by Midori Tjiri-Boyd/Midori Makeup Artistry

Wardrobe by Jakki Kalogridis, M.Blakeney and collection of Midori Tajiri-Byrd

Styling by Cate Swan