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Rub Some Funk On It! - Funky Tucks & Funky Fox

About five or so years back I was asked by my pal,boss, co-worker and resident funky photographer Doug Keese to hang out on along the parade route and document his funk-tastic wife, Cheyanne, and her very first ride on the Funky Tucks/Funky Fox float which of course is one of the many floats that makes up the Mother Funking Krewe of Tucks.  Like any other Mardis Gras Douglas and I started dipping into the Crown and cokes funking heavy and he asked me if I'd also show up the day before his ride and document the ceremonial Second Line that the Krewe does every year the day before they ride.  I'm not sure if my response was a resounding yes or no but most likely my answer echoed the pitch of a Velociraptor dry heaving into a metal trash can.  

Either way I graciously accepted his funky offer and the rest is history.  Over the last five years I find myself documenting some of the most gracious, funny, and beautiful funky guys and gals that this poor funk has ever had the great pleasure of knowing.  From the funkalicious cage girls shaking their funk trunks.  To the droves of tourists and funky locals lined up and down bourbon street.  To the fabulous staff and atmosphere at the funking amazing Broussards, where we say funk it and finally get inside for some air conditioning.  The Funky Tucks and Funky Foxes know how to step it out and lay the funk down on their annual second line.

Being a transplant to New Orleans I will never be as rooted in the traditions or culture that are so vast but one thing I will say until the day that I die is that I've never been a part of or near a second line, brass band and all, that didn't make me wanna dance, smile and funk it up!  Many thanks to my funk soul brother and sister Doug and Cheyanne for letting me a part of this funk tastic voyage over the last few years.  To the rest of you funky brilliant souls whose radiant glow funking blinds my camera year in and year out, Funk you very much!



RIDE OR DIE'S!!!!.............The Tucksedeauxs

It certainly doesn't go unnoticed by me that I am 100% certified one lucky bastard!!  I'm lucky to have the quality of friends and family that have my back and allow me to thrive in my profession.  The Tucksedeauxs are on the top of that short list of quality lunatics that I keep so closely to my chest.

Every year now for the last three years I have had the dubious honor of being dubbed the official photographer for this glorious Krewe of weirdos.  Now before you think I'm taking jabs at them you should know that I LOVE WEIRDO'S!!  This group is nothing short of brilliantly strange, ridiculously devoted and exhaustingly dedicated to the New Orleans tradition of Mardi Gras!

Based on the slew of labels I've given them each and every on of them may breathe a comforted sigh of relief knowing that any and all images posted are carefully selected and never incriminating! ;)  Nothing but the best for my RIDE OR DIE Family!!!!!!!  

Until Next Year You Beautiful Lunatics!!


(Not pictured - Angry Mobs around centuries old monuments, Dignity & Jeffery Wunder)

Love is the Coal That Makes This Train Roll --- The Black Keys

Mardi Gras.  For many non-locals memories of hurricane drinks or boobs for beads enter their thoughts.  Maybe even some vague flashing memory of actually being at Mardi Gras once before.   

For myself Mardi Gras boils down to one day.  My ride with The Tucksedeauxs.  This particular float is full of close friends who have given me the distinct honor of riding with them to document what is to them a day that rivals Christmas morning.  I have to say that analogy is spot on.  The time and effort that these guys and gals put into making this day epic is nothing short of spectacular.  This float and many others are full of the everyday locals and "normal" folk" you walk by everyday!  Watching them enjoy the day behind white masks and beaded corsets reminds me of the line from the movie Fight Club, "We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances, we guard you while you sleep. Do not f@*k with us."  I'm not sure why that quote comes to mind.  Most likely it is has something to do with the masks and anonymity of the riders.  I hope it's not because of our underground fight clubs.  I'm in trouble now.  I just broke the first rule of fight club!  

These are some of my favorite images from our ride and portrait session!  

Laissez les bon temps roulez


Fashion and BBQ!

Wind the clock back a few months. A dear friend invites me to a Saints game.  Since I'm not completely mad I accepted.  She then suggests to meet at a new watering hole/eatery called Black Label Icehouse which I'm more than happy to have agreed upon.

Immediately upon sitting down I realized what a great location to do some photos at. Damian, the owner/operator of said establishment is a salt of the earth fellow who after sharing a shot of Jack and conversation over some metal music told me that I could come take photos at his establishment anytime.  Check and mate!!  

These are the shoots I live for.  After setting up a brilliant support element of Makeup Artists and Stylists with equal parts skill and crazy we set off to Black Label Icehouse with visions of Grace Jones in our hearts and BBQ on our minds.  YEAH!  That's how we do it!  

No outfits were harmed with BBQ sauce on this shoot!



Contributing Artists

Model -- Shawn Montgomery

Makeup by Midori Tjiri-Boyd/Midori Makeup Artistry

Wardrobe by Jakki Kalogridis, M.Blakeney and collection of Midori Tajiri-Byrd

Styling by Cate Swan