Gogol Bordello with Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, The Soul Kitchen, Part 2

Volume 2 of the Titus Birthday extravaganza is all about the band that was the cherry on top the proverbial cake.  The headliner for the show was Gogol Bordello.  I've never been to a show with Frank Turner that I didn't discover a band that immediately becomes apart of my daily playlist and this show was no different.

I missed most of their set the night before in New Orleans but only because I was outside receiving my personal invite to the June 6th show.  Listen......This band is so flipping amazing!  The energy and character of each and every member of this band is nothing short of brilliant!  My theory on the individuals in this band is that each and every one of them were, in my theoretical assumption, a front man/woman for their own bands but because of the energy and stage presence the band got jealous of the personal attention they garnered while performing and those bands kicked them out of the band.  They then all regrouped to play together in Gogol Bordello.  The only reason I came up with this theory is because Ive never seen a band with 9 members all command the crowds attention equally and with as much charisma and energy!  

I urge anyone who has a chance to see their show to get up off your collective asses and check out the self proclaimed Gypsy Punks!  Punk is not dead and neither is my desire to catch a good pit!