Midori paints Marie. Marie poses for Titus. Midori & Marie are awesome!

Many months ago I received a call from my fantastic friend and muse, Midori-Tjiri-Byrd.  Midori has a friend by the name of Marie who she wants to dress up in creative ways and paint her beautiful face and somewhere along the way I could get some photos of said fashion bliss.

Let me tell you folks, when Miss Midori tells me to jump I simply reply, "How High?"  Well, in her defense she isn't militant or bossy on any level but when she asks me to capture her concepts I'd be a fool to say no.  The three of us had a great time.  Marie undersells her modeling capabilities but I'm here to tell you this kid is fierce!  So many great looks. 90% of those looks I made her appear slightly crazy but I stand by my direction and more importantly her and Midori's creative cohesion!  Many thanks to both of these brilliant young ladies.  Check out Midori's link here.  www.midorimakeup.com 



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