Titus has a technical style with a commercial look. He has an impeccable eye for light and composition and his style is very genuine and heartfelt; he has a commercial edge to his work that separates him completely from the everyday photographer. 

Being the photographer on any type of shoot, whether it a wedding, fashion, documentary or ear drum blasting concert, it is my personal goal to make everyone enjoy their time.  As cliche as it sounds I do everything in my power or if my power fails me then I will siphon any usable power that my clients or coworkers aren't using for the good of the photoshoot to my benefit and to make the day as upbeat as possible.  I want my current and future clients to understand that this is fun.  What I do is fun.  I strive to maintain a positive environment so any stereotype surrounding stale or traditional style photos are completely out of their minds when I walk through the door.  Even if become boring and allow myself to fall under the spell of taking a boring image it will be the most lively and fun boring styled photo that you're ever going to be involved with.  Change starts with your photographer.





Below are links to various events/jobs that I photographed and were featured via an online publication or magazine.