Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls with Gogol Bordello @ The Soul Kitchen Part 1

Let me tell you about the best bday I've ever had.  It involves back to back nights of amazing music, 5 Englishmen, 9 Gypsy Punks, Lucky Dogs for Breakfast, One Road trip to Alabama, one or two sips of Jameson Whiskey(that number is accurate I'm sure), a bday serenade from about 1,000 of my closest friends and an invitation to join Frank Turner on stage and play harmonica.

I purchased tickets to see Frank at the Joy Theatre on June 5th in New Orleans.  After an amazing set we took a short pause for the cause and then stepped outside for some air.  Low and behold there stands Frank, who is never short with offering his time and conversation to his fans, so we struck up a conversation when it presented itself.  After a couple of minutes discussing tattoos and shady politicians someone let slip to Frank that my June 6th bday was almost upon us.  When he heard this Frank made a point to tell me that the next night they were playing a show at The Soul Kitchen in Mobile, Al.  "If you can make the show Im putting you on the guest list".  That was probably the most gracious gift I could, can or will ever receive.

So on my bday we traveled to Mobile.  As we walked up to the entrance I heard the band already on stage but with my name in bold letters on the guest list we breezed through the line.  I got my camera out to take as many photos as I could until the Sleeping Souls exited the stage and left their front man there with his guitar.  As I looked through my camera snapping images I focused in on Frank in front of his microphone and as he begins to speak he utters the phrase, "Is my friend Titus in the crowd?"  Clearly not a single soul at the show shared my name so I raised my hand and they ushered me to the stage.  I was given a harmonica and a cue from Frank for me to give the greatest harmonica solo on his tune "Dan's Song" that the world has ever heard.  After my 30 second nerve wracking  solo Frank Turner graciously began to play Happy Bday to me aided by the greatest damn crowd I've ever heard.  Exhilarating isn't a big enough word.  Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls are by far one of the hardest working bands around as well as one of my favorite group of musicians.  We ended the night enjoying cocktails with some of members of The Sleeping Souls and on the way home bellies were stuffed with some Waffle House chow.  It's all I could stand.  And I can't stand no more.  Most EPIC Bday EVER!  Cheers to Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls for the experience!