"And if you're drinkin' well, you know That you're my friend and I say I think I'll have myself a beer"-- Reel Big Fish

I have great respect for the select individuals of the world who can hold their own in the vast world of drink.  Sara and Mark would be two people who fall into that category!  It's a respectable quality in my opinion.

When Sara inquired about my services we three decided to meet at a local watering hole to have a few pints and get to know one another and be certain that we were a good fit for their upcoming wedding.  As we proceeded to order round after round I noticed these two were indulging in some high alcohol content fueled spirits.  Sara started reminding me of one of my favorite bad ass female characters played by Karen Allen from a timeless classic Raiders of the Lost Ark.  You know the scene!  The one where she out drinks the big Nepalese dude.  Epic movie making!!  Please let it be noted that these two are not being depicted as beer swilling fools! HAHA! They are the epitome of class!  The three of us were merely enjoying ourselves!

All power drinking aside these two lovers of barley wine had a brilliant December wedding with great weather, a fantastic ceremony and a second line for the ages!  Thanks for the great photos and Let's get drink sometime you two!