I present to you BABS!!!!!...........and Pearce.

I hope Pearce knows that I was taking a friendly jab at him with that lead in.  It's hard to compete with his new fiancé's magnificent, bold as brass name.  

My dear old friend Babs.  A few things I know for certain about Babs are as follows. 1. She is a fantastically talented photographer.  2. One of my top five favorite ex-neighbors of all time.  3.  I've moved her to her new homes enough to know that because of the massive, spine crushing weight of her furniture that I don't want to have to do it again.  

As for Pearce,  in a few months time he will be married to the woman that I just wrote that list for.  Therefore those points just sort of roll over.  Gimme a break.  Pearce and I met for the first time at this epic engagement shoot that I so humbly accepted when Babs asked.

Good Luck my friends.  If you move I guarantee I'll be busy that day!



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