Fashion and BBQ!

Wind the clock back a few months. A dear friend invites me to a Saints game.  Since I'm not completely mad I accepted.  She then suggests to meet at a new watering hole/eatery called Black Label Icehouse which I'm more than happy to have agreed upon.

Immediately upon sitting down I realized what a great location to do some photos at. Damian, the owner/operator of said establishment is a salt of the earth fellow who after sharing a shot of Jack and conversation over some metal music told me that I could come take photos at his establishment anytime.  Check and mate!!  

These are the shoots I live for.  After setting up a brilliant support element of Makeup Artists and Stylists with equal parts skill and crazy we set off to Black Label Icehouse with visions of Grace Jones in our hearts and BBQ on our minds.  YEAH!  That's how we do it!  

No outfits were harmed with BBQ sauce on this shoot!



Contributing Artists

Model -- Shawn Montgomery

Makeup by Midori Tjiri-Boyd/Midori Makeup Artistry

Wardrobe by Jakki Kalogridis, M.Blakeney and collection of Midori Tajiri-Byrd

Styling by Cate Swan