Alyssa & Will.........Crazy Like A Fox!

Ok! A year or so ago, in a land of corn far, far, away, Scribner, Nebraska to be exact  (for all intents and purposes to the majority of my readers you will have no idea where in the hell Scribner, NE is.  I lived in Nebraska my entire adolescent life and I needed a map, gps and the actual guidance of how the crow flies just to find this place) The reason for this corn laden rendezvous was to take  engagement portraits of my cousin Alyssa and her fiance Will whose wedding was to take place this past October.  And it happened. And it was Awesome.

I realize I could've ended things with that paragraph but that would exceed new heights of apathy on my part so if you don't mind, a little info on these two ridiculously stellar human beings!

For the record, Alyssa is my second cousin.  So needless to say there is a significant age(and maturity) gap between us which suffice it to say I knew almost nothing about her.  However, she comes from a great blood line so obviously there are no worries with that one.  Her Fiance Will, whom I knew absolutely nothing about, was as I'd been told, " Such a nice boy!"  I didn't doubt the information but years apart or not I have to cling to some semblance of loyalty to the family and looking out for them.  I had no doubts on the way to the engagement shoot about Will, only the damn directions the GPS was taking me, and any lingering doubts were immediately crushed when I pulled up to the house and he offered me some grilled meat and proceeded to tell me he was a Paratrooper in our military.  For those of you who don't know, I, Titus, your humble and faithful neighborhood photographer was once upon a time a Paratrooper  himself.  Point of fact Will might of jumped a few points over Alyssa early but she's back on top.

All joking aside it's been a fantastic last couple years getting a chance to use my photography to get to know my family members.  I couldn't be happier because these "kids" are the tip top of class, respect and overall good looks mountain.  Last October I flew back up to Nebraska and not only got some dope shots of Alyssa & Will but more importantly I spent some amazing time with family that time had kept apart. I'm also pretty sure I helped put Scribner, Ne back on the map!  

Thanks Alyssa & Will, love you guys!