"Please excuse the bruises. Drink got me into this, I didn't Know Where I Was!" - Skinny Lister

A few times in my life I've found myself in positions where life has felt the need to make an example of me via a strong spiritual kick to the teeth.  In those positions I've had nothing but lint in my pocket and a hole in my soul deeper than the Grand Canyon.  Several years ago I found myself in one of these funks wondering which way to turn for some relief.  As with many of the previous situations I turned to my great equalizer, Music.

I went to a show at The House of Blues in New Orleans to see one of my favorite bands, Flogging Molly.  Editors note,  Don't ever be too cool to get to a show early and catch the opening acts.  The Beatles were an opening act once.  Imagine the how someone felt growing up in London with tickets to a show where they were the opening act and they're like, "Oh c'mon mate its just the opening act! We paid for the main event!"  MORONS!  With that being said the opening act for Flogging Molly was the focus for this blog, Skinny Lister.

Please for the love of all that is soaked in Guinness go see this band.  If I've said it once I've said it a million times,  once Beyonce, Bieber, and any of the other countless acts of "superstars" start crowd surfing and hanging out with their fans after the show then I'll run right out and buy their music.  Until that point in their stuck up, "I'm a superstar, I'm better than you" career happens then they will continue to be the snobby ass clowns that I give them the credit to be!  Skinny Lister not only blew my face off with amazing energy and a crowd engaging set, they were outside the show talking to the crowd.  I sat and chatted with them and even gave them the last 10 bucks I had to my name for their CD.  

Many years later, last December to be exact, Skinny Lister returned to the Crescent City headlining their own show in support of their new album, The Devil, The Heart, The Fight.  I took it upon myself to reach out to them and inquire about possibly taking photos at the show.  In perfect fashion they responded and gave me the photo pass to the show!  This band keeps grinding and putting out fantastic music.  Their music motivates and inspires me today much like it did those few years back when times were bleak.  No matter what the future holds this band has a spot in soul!  As of this blog post Skinny Lister and Flogging Molly will be playing this very evening in New Orleans!  Many thanks to Skinny Lister!!  See you in the pit!

Haul Away!!!!