Chrissy & Garrett.....Ladies & Gentleman, The President & First Lady of Cool

  As it often goes with wedding photographers and I'm guessing several other vendors participating in Garrett and Chrissy's big day, I'd never once in my life met this couple.  However, one half of that couple, Chrissy, was kind and pleasant!  At least as kindness and pleasantry that I could deduct from a couple of emails discussing the specifics of the day.  I was picturing her as sparkling vision of the binary code as best I could figure!

  I turned the corner to make the final 50 yard walk to finally meet this glorious binary code bride when low and behold upon the Bourbon Orleans Balcony stood Garrett.  Now before I innocently take a jab at Garrett, he's my pal folks and I have nothing but respect for the man, BUT after the days on end of curiosity to whom my Binary Code was in person, I get a stocky Irish looking fellow with a head shaved so close you could see your reflection in it and a suit that is up at the top of list of sharp attire!  Not to paint my friend with too mean of a brush he did greet me with a pleasant smile and a handshake but I will say this and I'm sure he'll agree the man is no sparkling Binary Code folks.  

  Enter the the star of the day, Chrissy.  Far from ones and zeroes.  Chrissy was a sight to see nonetheless and surpassing any face or personality that anyone could attribute via reading emails.  Once faces were attached to the names I witnessed a sincere First Look between the bride and the groom out on the balcony of The Bourbon Orleans.  The next couple hours it was just the three of us frolicking throughout the streets of the French Quarter capturing portraits of them that they pulled off so effortlessly that I almost put the camera on a timer with a recording of my voice and headed to the bar.  There was still a ceremony and little bit of dancing yet to be done before the night ended so I gathered up my professional side and we glided through the remaining parts of Garrett and Chrissy's big day with ease.

  I've since hung out with the couple socially  after their wedding day and just as I suspected their pleasant and friendly demeanor wasn't an act or an illusion created by a spectacular photographer using mind control techniques and epic an epic posing system the statue of David would be envious of.  In the end they got epic wedding day photos and I gained new friends.  Even the despite the fact one of those friends doesn't come with hair.  Oh well! I'll take 'em!




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