Robin & Matt. Don't shoot me bro!!!

I suppose you're wondering why I titled this blog post the way I did. No? Good. I will say that anyone involved directly with this engagement shoot will understand the reference.  

I met this brilliant young lady several years ago.  We have since stayed in touch via the Facebook world.  Robin reached out to me about her engagement photos which I immediately said I was more than happy to do.

Her fiance Matt is a quiet guy but we all three hit it off famously.  Or should I say all 4 of us.  I shouldn't forget Dixie.  The couples 4 year old Great Dane.  Word to the wise people.  Engagement photos in the French Quarter with a 160 dog is every bit as difficult as you'd imagine that it is!  Either way,  this shoot was a complete success despite trials, arguments and weapons!  


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