Soggy Bottom Boy

Ladies and Gentleman.......Start your whining!!!!

Wedding season is in full effect.  Which stands to reason I would take a weekend off smack dab in the middle of it to venture to the Nola Grand Prix Indy Car races.  

When this opportunity presented itself to me I was quite interested in the prospect of stepping outside my wedding day comfort zone.  Outside of beautiful girls celebrating.  Outside of being offered the occasional single malt scotch.  Outside the frequent bowl of gumbo.  Outside......ugh! 

Instead, I went outside.  Outside in the knee high mud, rain and soggy bottom feet.  It rained almost every second of the event.  I have to admit my feet  hadn't been that wet and miserable since my days as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.

 As we used to say in "The Deuce", "If it ain't rainin', we ain't training'!"  But alas throughout every cloud there is a silver lining and the opportunity for some great images to be produced!  Here are some of my favorites from the weekend!



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