Jamaican Me Happy!

I've probably written and deleted four or five different paragraphs trying to not trip over my words on this blog.  Its kicking my ass.  I'm not sure why considering the couple I'm writing it about, James and Joanna, are two of the dearest, truest and beautiful humans that this sinner has ever had the good fortune of knowing.  

The first time I met Jimbo he yelled at me.  Called me names. It wasn't pretty.  We met in the 82nd Airborne Division.  It was a right of passage for the older soldiers to try and break the newer soldiers.  They did it to Jimbo.  Jimbo did it to me.  I didn't break.  20 years later I'm proud to say that I couldn't ask for a finer brother.

The first time I met Joanna she told Jim that she was scared of me.  I ventured to Philadelphia to visit some old paratrooper buddies for Memorial Day weekend.  Life for me around that time was a little rocky.  Joanna was quite justified in her assessment of me.  However, as the night wore on she, (like many other ladies before her ;)) eventually succumbed to the Titus charm.  5 years later I couldn't ask for a better wife for my brother and sister for me.

Jim and Jo got married at Sandals resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica on April 30th.  More than 30 friends and family members took time out of their busy lives to celebrate.  The water was warm.  The rum was warm. Ugh!  The beers were cold.  I've yet to meet a more caring, loving and accepting group of people and I expected nothing less.    For Jim and Jo, I hold them up higher than most.  They are my friends and family!  Joanna, welcome to the paratrooper family.  Jimbo, do some damn push ups!  All the best you two!  AIRBORNE!