I'm not one to publicly express my emotions.  However today is an exception to that.  Today, March 18th would've been my brothers 40th birthday.  Many years have gone by, almost 12 to be exact, that I have seen him.

Being a photographer I've sat back and realized I can't remember a picture that I ever took of him.  I have a lot of photos of him yet none that I recall ever taking of him.  The thought of that makes me a little sad.  It makes me think of the multitude of cool images that I could've taken but didn't.

I don't write this to make myself or anyone who reads this sad.  In fact I hope it inspires you as it has me to take more photos of your loved ones.  I've taken as many opportunities to put my camera on my family.  Snap away.  Make those memories.  Embrace those moments.  Life offers no guarantees.  Eventually there will be a gap which you cannot fill!  

I love my brother.  Forever.  For always!  


Titus ChildersComment