Fox Force Two

If you have seen Pulp Fiction then you'll know my blog title is a rip off of the Uma Thurman character's tv show Fox Force Five about five foxy chicks who all have a special weapons specialty.  Why in the hell is that relevant to an engagement shoot in Scribner, NE?  Well I'll tell you.  The young lady is my cousin Alyssa Fox.  Her fiancĂ© Will is on his way to Ranger school.  Therefore there is a Fox.  They are a force of Two.  And these two are quite proficient is several weapons.

So there. Its all explained.  If you're still scratching your head just stop.  The most important thing is these two are engaged and as luck may have it I'm photographing there wedding next October.  So Will you better have a Ranger tab on your suit when I get there bud!!!  Alyssa,  I make no demands of you kid!  You are already good as is!



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