Coming down the mountain!!!!!

Ok, so I admit that opening title I stole from one of my favorite Jane's Addiction songs but this wedding was near the mountains.  Not necessarily any mountains in the photos.  However I just saw Jane's Addiction so leave me alone!  ;)

With that nonsense out of the way I'd like to introduce to the phenomenal couple of Jessica and Matt!  These two beauties invited up to Smithgall Woods State Park in Helen, GA.  I felt I couldn't turn down the opportunity.  For one reason they paid me.  If I didn't then that'd make me a super jerk.  Another perk of the job is that I got to meet a fantastic couple and since I also lived in Athens, GA for a few years I got to reminisce with some long time friends.

I've seen some gorgeous weddings and I've seen some wedding parties tear it up but few have equaled those specifics like this wedding!  Everyone had a fantastic time.  At least I assume by their dancing skills!  Let's face it!  Y'all can't fake those dance moves for a camera unless you're Travolta!  Congrats Jessica and Matt!  Y'all killed it.  Thanks for making me a part of your day!