Fo' Shizzle Brechbizzle!

What can I say about the young and talented Cassidy Brechbill?  One thing is for sure the girl is almost completely water resistant.  I don't make it a point to shoot in the rain but in Cassidy's case we didn't have a choice.  

I would imagine most professional models would've tucked tail and ran when it started to rain on their photo session once.  But twice?  Get the hell out of here!  That would be an almost certainty!  But alas these Midwest girls are tough and made of sterner stuff!  Corn and Omaha steaks I'm guessing.  

In any event my tough girl gutted out not one but two senior portrait sessions in almost torrential downpours.  Neither of us are complaining though because the finished product was nothing short of spectacular!  Good luck in the future kid!  Now and again it will rain on your future plans but you're a badass.  You'll come out squeaky clean!