I Love you, Man

I know a fair amount about Samuel RJ Vetter.  I've know Sammy for almost a quarter century.  We've been on the same wrestling team.  I know his two brothers.  Probably been in an argument or a fight with all of them at one point. I know his parents.  Both of whom I've never been in a fight or argument with.  I know Sam's mom Doris was one of my top five teachers of all time.  I know his dad Steve, well, I know Steve didn't kick my ass when I most likely got his son in trouble.  Steve's like a sphinx.  I can't get a read on that guy! ;)

I know Sam married Leah in Omaha in September.  I know that I was honored and humbled that he himself being an artist that I've looked up to most of my adult life asked if I would photograph his wedding.  I know prior to the wedding my meetings with Leah numbered Two!

What I don't know about Leah you could probably fill the Grand Canyon with.  I know that her dress size is mens tube sock, size medium!  I mean jesus this girl is tiny! More importatnly I know  she makes my friend very happy.  What more do I need to know?  However, I do know she is driven. She is a fantastic mother of two beautiful girls.  I know I'm excited to get to know her better.  

Sam and Leah, I couldn't be happier for the two of you.  Leah, keep that boy in check.  He's only had his cat to answer to and now he has three girls in the house which makes him outnumbered.  Sammy boy, I love you, man!