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Will & Zachary.....All that Glitters is Gold! (Also known as...Two Grown Men Wearing Fitted shiny gold bejeweled Jackets!!)

Over the last few crazy weeks and months the tension in this country has been so thick you could cut it with a very dull letter opener.  I witnessed something that I never believed possible!  I'm talking about the Cubs winning the World Series!  What did you think I was talking about?  Even though this has been a month of tough beats and miraculous victories I'd like to introduce you to Will and Zach!  Two winners if  ever there were.  

Will and Zach were married at The Omni Royal in a manner that reflected the genuine souls that they are.  They had a beautiful ceremony followed by a fantastic Second Line through the streets, led by the one and only, Kinfolk Brass Band.  

I'm quite sure that they will thumb their noses at me for mentioning the Cubs since they reside in St. Louis.  However, I'm sure they would agree that their wedding was another great underdog tale that was years in the making.  Which will be one of my greatest pleasures to witness.  

Respect and admiration is what I have for these gentleman and it is all they've ever shown to me from day 1!  I will always root for the underdogs and the long shots.  Anyone who has to fight for what they want can consider me on board!



Contributing Vendors

Venue : The Omni Royal

Event Coordinators : Unique Weddings

Brass Band : Kinfolk Brass Band

Julie & Brant, We now return to our wedding already in progress on the SUN!

Say hello to my good friends and newly(well, mostly newly wed couple considering the fact  I'm a blog procrastinator and their wedding was months ago!) married couple, Julie and Brant!  

I can honestly tell you that I've photographed weddings with the temperatures being hotter but I can't honestly tell you when!  With that being said, one million points to this beautiful love sick duo who braved one of the hottest second lines I've ever encountered.  My running joke of the evening is that we should've just held the ceremony and the second line on the sun!  Good Lord!

No matter the temperature nor the whining and crying from your faithful photographer these two managed to pull off a spectacular first look at the Omni Royal Hotel in a sun soaked courtyard.  Then they scampered across the street to The Pharmacy Museum where they were serenaded by a large gospel choir serenading us all with quite possibly the most uplifting prelude to a wedding that I've ever witnessed!  A steamy second line followed by a raucous reception capped off this flamethrower of a day giving them quite a standard for future parties to follow.  If anyone needs the recipe to Julie and Brant's day just preheat your core temperature to 1000 degrees and check back in three hours or until their photographer has melted!  I had a great time despite the heat! Thanks to you both!



Wedding Coordinator - Unique Weddings

Ceremony Location - Pharmacy Museum

Reception Location - Petit Bourbon