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Lauren & Alyssa........You Had Me at "I want a photo of us in front of the Antique Guns & Swords shop!"

I'm a fan of weddings that are small in number of guests but are wickedly huge in the great deal of support, love and respect for the couple involved.  Case in point was the day I met Lauren & Alyssa face to face for the first time and I just wanted to pinch their smiley cheeks all day long!

These two fantastic ladies were all about the photos which coincidentally worked in my favor.  I first started with Lauren and her family.  All of said family members were great sports and had no issues getting their picture taken.  Once Lauren and her family were all set it was on to meet Alyssa.  Immediately I could see that Alyssa was going to keep the the spirit of the day alive.  Alyssa is a firecracker.  I've said many many times that I like goofballs!  Once we became acquainted each others eccentric goofy nature Alyssa and I went right to getting some fierce  portraits to go with her matching personality.  I believe both her and Lauren would've taken photos all night with me given the opportunity and that makes them aces in my book.

The ladies had a small and intimate ceremony at Audubon Park.  Afterwards we took advantage of the open space and sunshine for some portraits before heading back to the French Quarter and finishing the day off with, you guessed it, more portraits!!  In the hustle and bustle of most wedding days it can be difficult to get this much one on one time with a couple so I was all for it.  The icing on the cake for me is when the three of us were strolling the quarter for a good location Alyssa looked at me and said, "I'd love to get pictures in front of the Antique Guns & Swords shop!"  What's that you say?  A completely ridiculous setting for the brides on their wedding day.  Hell yeah I'll take your picture there!  I mean lets be serious, where else would you sit down for a wedding day portrait if not in front of the Antique Guns and Swords shop?  I rest my case!  Alyssa & Lauren,  y'all were a delight!  En Guard ladies!  En Guard!



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                                       Hotel - The Roosevelt

                                       Antoines Resturaunt

                                      Audubon Park - Ceremony

                                     Florist - Dunn & Sonnier  

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Will & Zachary.....All that Glitters is Gold! (Also known as...Two Grown Men Wearing Fitted shiny gold bejeweled Jackets!!)

Over the last few crazy weeks and months the tension in this country has been so thick you could cut it with a very dull letter opener.  I witnessed something that I never believed possible!  I'm talking about the Cubs winning the World Series!  What did you think I was talking about?  Even though this has been a month of tough beats and miraculous victories I'd like to introduce you to Will and Zach!  Two winners if  ever there were.  

Will and Zach were married at The Omni Royal in a manner that reflected the genuine souls that they are.  They had a beautiful ceremony followed by a fantastic Second Line through the streets, led by the one and only, Kinfolk Brass Band.  

I'm quite sure that they will thumb their noses at me for mentioning the Cubs since they reside in St. Louis.  However, I'm sure they would agree that their wedding was another great underdog tale that was years in the making.  Which will be one of my greatest pleasures to witness.  

Respect and admiration is what I have for these gentleman and it is all they've ever shown to me from day 1!  I will always root for the underdogs and the long shots.  Anyone who has to fight for what they want can consider me on board!



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Venue : The Omni Royal

Event Coordinators : Unique Weddings

Brass Band : Kinfolk Brass Band