It's All Greek to Me! (and a little Belgian too)

Hello out there to all of my friends, family, castaways and  innocent until proven slightly over the legal limit beauties!  It's been a minute or two (thousand) since I've graced the ever so brilliantly depressing landscape of social media with a batch of images and some clever and wacky word play.

Mother Nature has been slapping around her beautiful coastal babies lately.  In my opinion she is showing some excessive force and if she doesn't calm down a wee bit we will just have to get ol' Poseidon to strap a "vest camera" on her to help control and/or monitor her abusive behavior.  In my humble opinion our glorious Mother Nature does in deed provide us with a significantly higher supply of majestic beauty and calm as opposed to the chaos and destruction she has wrought over the last several weeks. However, I ask you all to stay the course!  Be vigilant!  Be United!  After all  Mother Nature is only reacting as we all did a mere few short weeks ago when we all found out that, "WINTER IS COMING!"  Her reaction just packs a bit more punch then the glass shattering shriek you may or may not have heard from my house during the last few episodes of Game of Thrones.

Even though tough times are ahead of our fellow brothers and sisters caught in the paths of  Mother Nature riding Zombie Dragons I have no doubt they will endure and come back better than ever.  The images in this blog are from a short two day trip to Athens, Greece and a few intermingled images from a few more days in and around Brussels, Belgium. Honestly the images  in this blog don't have much to do with my lead in and/or the following paragraph.  Point of fact, there's nigh a connection that I can see.  However, in times of colossal pains in your ass, great loss, and the impending unknown sometimes it is nice to have a distraction.  I hope you enjoy my distractions.



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