Proposal of the Fittest

There are many times throughout a couples existence that lead to tears, sweat and a dangerous level of anxiety. Thankfully the only time I am ever asked to experience those instances with my camera would be their proposal.

Over the last few years it has become an increasingly popular trend to hire a photographer to capture the proposal.  I've been approached many times during that trendy timeframe to be the man to keep in check the tears, sweat and anxiety.  Not always in that order but nonetheless they know they've got a professional on their hands to take care of their photography needs.  All anxiety produced fluids do however become the proposer's problem.

I must say that proposals have the ability to produce the most sincere and real imagery that a photographer could hope for.  With that said please keep in mind that one possible  bi product of the proposal process can be some less than flattering expressions and/or raccoon eyes from smudged mascara.   Having that iconic moment in their lives captured on camera for all time is worth the risk of briefly looking like a complete goofball.  At least in most cases.  

These are some of my favorite images taken over the last year or so.  Various popular New Orleans locations played host to a wide range of young lovers visiting from all over the USA.  Not a single one of them let any level of risk scare them away from a memorable proposal.  Hopefully this blog entry finds them all happy, healthy and making one another cry for completely different reasons!