Levi...........The Strauss costs Extra!

  One of the perks of this glorious career of mine is that it leads back home to Nebraska a few times  a year to squeeze in the occasional senior portrait session between weddings and double fisting freshly grown corn on the cob and tomatoes from my mothers garden.

  This laddie here is Levi.  The boy is immediately certified legit in my book because he is a wrestler at my old high school in Aurora, NE.  Well to be sure he is a great many other things but the proof is in the pudding folks!  Wrestlers are badasses! A massive wave of nostalgia washed over me as I  walked upstairs in my old gym, took off my shoes and dug my toes into the very mats that I once shed my fair share of blood, sweat and tears(no one ever actually cried we just had something in our eyes!).  Since my days they've made amazing additions to those hallowed halls.  I even noticed my name on the record boards.  Mad respect to all my brothers who dawn the head gear!  

Despite my walk down glory days lane and the occasional Vision Quest theme song playing through my head Levi and I stayed the course and knocked out some fun images.  It's hard to roll an entire high school experience into a single portrait session but this kid is made of stern stuff and we captured those personas that mattered to him. Good Luck next year in college young man!