The Reverend Will See You Now

A few months ago I had a small concept bubbling in my head.  The concept centered around a composite character I'd envisioned/created out of song lyrics, various comic book stories and apparently some awkward dream state brought on by undercooked meat.

The character I envisioned was called Reverend Green.  The idea was to be a sort of androgynous wanderer with little to no knowledge about The Reverend's assorted past.  Where did it come from?  What are the underlying motives of this character?  Does it have a penis or a vagina?  The hard hitting questions.  However, 2016 stepped in and like so many of our iconic characters it brutally murdered my thought process.  The Reverend would not get an ongoing prolific and unwinding portrait series like I had envisioned.

With every death however there comes a new life.  Albeit a short lived series, The Reverend took on one brutally hot, two hour fantasic-fest brilliantly modeled by my muse, my friend and makeup artist of the stars, Midori-Tajiri Byrd.  Midori is the Uma Thurman to my Quentin Tarantino.  The jam to my jelly roll.  The light in your eyes at a sobriety checkpoint.  Midori elevated the character farther in two hours then I had in two months.  Alas, we decided this was the birth, life and death of the one and only Reverend Green.  Also I realized later that there was already a character by said name in a movie called World's End and I would've felt like a complete ass if I had subconsciously stolen this characters namesake and went on for a months long worth of photo shoots!  HAHA!  Suck it 2016!  You can't kill everything!



Hair & Makeup : Midori - Tajiri Byrd

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