Melinda & Jared........NAILED IT!

Melinda & Jared Nail........Let me tell you these two spared no expense (by the way guys, I know I already thanked you multiple times for the beyond amazing travel accommodations, but seriously, WOW!  Y'all killed it!) and it showed in every detail of their destination wedding at the Royalton White Sands Resort in Jamaica!

I've known Melinda since near or around 2001.  One large fun fact to know about our friendship is that my dear ol' pal was one of my first, if not my first, bold and daring friends to volunteer themselves to my very early days of photography while studying the discipline at the Art Institute of Atlanta.  I must admit I didn't do her many favors in some instances but in other cases, (editors note I literally just decided to post one of the "better" images that we collaborated on! Sorry not sorry Mel!) the end result wasn't too shabby.  No matter the photographic outcome,  our friendship has remained in tact.  In the time that we've known one another there have been some life altering events in both our lives.  Some for the positive, i.e. Melinda's handsome son Cash, and some for the not so positive.  I'll refrain from the details of those events because my blogs are supposed to make you smile.  At least at the bare minimum give a not so subtle side head tilt of understanding from my readers.

Through all of the highs and lows I, along with my trusty photographer counterpart, Trent Spann, (Mad Props to Trent for whom without his expertise and assistance, none of these images would would have came out as fantastic or as brilliant) found ourselves shaking hands with Melinda's class act of a husband to be Jared.  The beautiful couple had a lot of irons in the fire in regards to the almost 40 plus guest list traveling from all corners of the USA and they handled everything like seasoned pros.  From the relatives to the band to the makeup artist to the photographers everyone had a fantastic time.  Having been my second wedding on the Island of Jamaica in a little over a year it did not take me long to remember how much sugar goes into their cocktails.  However the next morning I was quickly reminded of that fact.  Many happy blessings to Melinda and Jared!  Hope to see you both very soon!



Contributing Vendors: Royalton White Sands Resort, Jamaica

Makeup : Makeup by Jentry