Once a year I venture back to my home state of Nebraska to photograph the upcoming senior crop! (you see what I did there?  Crop. Corn. Nebraska? Ugh never mind!)   Several reasons factor into me having such a good time doing these shoots.  Whether it's having a plate of home cooked food from my Momma before I head off to work or it could be an excuse to stay out later to watch some of the most glorious sunsets this planet has to offer.  

So with a belly full of homemade grub from Momma and the Nebraska sky playing her part my buddy Troy Vanderheiden set off to create a series of some of the coolest senior portraits to date.  I joked continuously that he had the most majestic Zoolander impression that I'd seen in a long time.

Feast your eyes mortals!  This is Troy Vanderheiden and his MAGNUM is GLORIOUS!!!!!


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