The Doots!

Many moons ago, 18 years to be exact, I was languishing in the stench of an old barracks in Ft. Polk, LA. Our platoon just gotten back from three weeks of MRE's, scorching heat and no sleep!  Ahhhhh!  The good ol' days!  

In any event my one and only dear sister back in my home state of Nebraska had gone into labor.  Lucky for me my brand new shiny nephew to be must've known that his favorite uncle wouldn't have to endure the next 18 years with him keeping me awake like he would do to his parents so he decided to be a pain in my ass as much as possible that night!  I'd woken up 6 different times to check on the status of my sister only to be told each time that he wasn't here yet.  6 times was my limit apparently because i didn't get to call again until that afternoon.

As it stood that little turkey had found his way into the world.  Alex has since grown into the largest mound of human that the Childers Clan has ever seen.  He's around 6'6 and pushing 250 last I heard.  Luckily for us his heart as almost as big as he is and he's getting closer and closer to graduation and heading into the real world.  As a nice treat his parents flew him to New Orleans for his dear old uncle to do his senior portraits.  Suffice it to say we kicked ass together!

Doots, you make me proud young man!  Be kind.  Be tough.  Never forget family first!  


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