Up until last year everything I've ever known of London was fed to me by television.  As far back as the glorious cartoon, Danger Mouse.  I'm quite certain the vast majority of readers of this blog have no flipping clue about said cartoon.  So there's your Netflix find of the day children!  Go check out Danger Mouse!  You may or may not be sorry.  At the very least it's worth one episode just to hear D. Mouse's sidekick, Penfold, utter the phrase, "Crumbs Chief!"

As the years gave way to age the jabs at Jolly Old England manifested into repetitive viewings of Chevy Chase saying, "Look Kids! Big Ben!  Parliment!"  Again I say if you've never seen National Lampoons European Vacation, shame on you!  It's mindless brilliance! 

After movies and tv there was the obvious musical influence from The Beatles to The Clash to my current English royalty of Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls.  Are you noticing a pattern here?  GO LISTEN TO ANY OF THE THREE!  You won't regret it.  If you haven't heard the Beatles, for the love of John Lennon get your arse's off the couch and plugged in!

Beyond TV, Movie and musical the only logical choice left was to visit London and form opinions beyond that of an  animated mouse.  Even in freezing conditions London is brilliant! I'll never forget the ride up to the White Cliffs of Dover and seeing that sight with my own two eyes. Not every photo opportunity presented can be lush blue skies and happy go lucky slap stick comedy!  Despite this adopted southern boy's love for warmth my  brother and I gutted it out.  Besides, no matter how dark and dreary dear ol' London can be the beer was tasty and the decades old one liners uttered from my brother and I on a daily basis made it feel like a tropical paradise!  

I hope you enjoy the images!