Felicity Magazine - Gold Dust Women

As I walked into the home of Sarah Smith, the brain child and wickedly dedicated,Founder of Felicity Magazine, a local fashion and editorial magazine, a simple, yet profound phrase found its way running through my head.  And I promise Ill conect the dots as to why in the next few sentences.  

The room is covered in mounds of gold leaf apocolyptic fall out.  Hair, hair accesories, bras, underwear, changes of clothes and a million other minute pieces of of the models and the stylists personal contraband.  Photo shoots can produce anarchy(and trash) of epic proportions.  And as I sifted through the maze an annoying substance that will take a decade to remove from some of my clothes, I looked up, I realized Im surrounded by a room full of gorgeous talent and brutally amazing perfectionists only to look at the models and say "Hey Sexy Girlfriends"! 

The line infamously uttered by a now legendary, possibly god-like figure, The Donger, Asian Exchange student in the cult classic film Sixteen Candles.  What is the point to all of this.  Maybe deep down i'm trying to say that amidst the confusion, disarray and constant motion of the busy times in your life I have to tell myself to take a deep breathe.  Look up and realize that, Hey dude, one of your hardest days consists of wall to fashion models of untold beauty.  Life does not suck.  Beyond the ramblings of this blog post you'll see the finished photos of the collaboration of some wickedly talented humans!  



Felicity Magazine

Hair by Team BeKrewe   |   Hans Billot, Adrian Billot, and Gerald William

Makeup by Midori Tajiri-Byrd   |   http://www.midorimakeup.com/

Jenny Salazar, Katherine Gainey, Casey Coleman, Chelsey Coleman, Adrienne Hatcher