A.J. & Lauren - Irrevocably Dented!

Usually when I meet couples that are as quiet as Lauren & A.J. are my personality and energy doesn't tend to mesh well.  However, these two beautiful souls and I are all nerds so in the end we couldn't have been a better fit.  

Now from time to time I felt I had to check for a pulse on Lauren & AJ based on how quiet they can be.  Im quite sure they know I'm joking when I say that and it's not meant to say that they are boring.  Quite the opposite.  They are two of the sharpest wits I've ever come across.  Which would explain the title to this blog.  AJ owned a specific moment in the ceremony when the custom of breaking the glass under foot came up.  After one hard stomp, then two, then three, until AJ jumped up with both feet to try and crush this annoying piece of glass we realized that the wrong piece of glass was purchased.  It was impossible to break the sturdy glass and hear the shouts of Mazeltav.  After his many attempts AJ simply reached down, picked up the glass object and remarked I couldn't break it but it is Irrevocably Dented!  Lauren giggled!  I was center aisle capturing this epic moment and in the midst of containing my laughter it lead some of the guests to believe that I was crying.  I was!  But not from sadness!  If you can't laugh at yourself then I recommend you start immediately! 

It was an epic ceremony with an Epic couple!  Thanks Lauren & AJ!  May the Force Be with You!  (yeah I went there!)