This is how you NOLA!

Ladies and Gentleman meet my friends Ali & Joe Cantino.  These two smiley faced beauties braved an awful lot of joy dampening opposition on the day of their wedding.  Instead of crying like little bare assed babies they NOLA'ed up and drank and smiled and danced and sang!!  MY HEROES!

The rain didn't keep these two down.  The cool breeze added into the rain didn't stop them.  When you keep a positive outlook as they did then NOLA, as they say, "Will Love You Back"!   And love them back it did my friends!  Ali and Joe's happy go lucky attitude was reflected in their friends and family!  We ate!  We Drank!  WE NOLA'ed!!!!!  

Thanks be to the greatness of Ali and Joe!  And Dennis kicked some ass too!




Contributing Vendors :

Reception Venue - Broussards

Hotel -- Bride and Groom & Guests -- The Dauphine Orleans

Ceremony Location -- Hermann-Grima House 

Wedding Coordinators -- Mint Julep Productions