"Damn the Torpedo's! Full Speed Ahead."

That quote has absolutely nothing to do with the photos of this brilliant Senior in waiting Miss Gretchen Bricker. That is to say it is a famous quote from an Admiral of a Naval Vessel during the Civil War whilst attacking Fort Gaines.  The same fort Gretchen and I landed on to do her senior photos.

We managed our way up and down Dauphin Island, Alabama.  Beautiful beaches. Puffy clouds.  And of course I wouldn't  be keeping up with current social trends if I didn't somehow include a location that in fact had something to do with a rebel flag that seems to have everyones knickers in a twist!

But I digress! Our photos kicked ass!  I don't care what side of the flag you're on! 

I SAID GOOD DAY SIR!  Good job Gretchen! You killed it kid!