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It's All Greek to Me! (and a little Belgian too)

Hello out there to all of my friends, family, castaways and  innocent until proven slightly over the legal limit beauties!  It's been a minute or two (thousand) since I've graced the ever so brilliantly depressing landscape of social media with a batch of images and some clever and wacky word play.

Mother Nature has been slapping around her beautiful coastal babies lately.  In my opinion she is showing some excessive force and if she doesn't calm down a wee bit we will just have to get ol' Poseidon to strap a "vest camera" on her to help control and/or monitor her abusive behavior.  In my humble opinion our glorious Mother Nature does in deed provide us with a significantly higher supply of majestic beauty and calm as opposed to the chaos and destruction she has wrought over the last several weeks. However, I ask you all to stay the course!  Be vigilant!  Be United!  After all  Mother Nature is only reacting as we all did a mere few short weeks ago when we all found out that, "WINTER IS COMING!"  Her reaction just packs a bit more punch then the glass shattering shriek you may or may not have heard from my house during the last few episodes of Game of Thrones.

Even though tough times are ahead of our fellow brothers and sisters caught in the paths of  Mother Nature riding Zombie Dragons I have no doubt they will endure and come back better than ever.  The images in this blog are from a short two day trip to Athens, Greece and a few intermingled images from a few more days in and around Brussels, Belgium. Honestly the images  in this blog don't have much to do with my lead in and/or the following paragraph.  Point of fact, there's nigh a connection that I can see.  However, in times of colossal pains in your ass, great loss, and the impending unknown sometimes it is nice to have a distraction.  I hope you enjoy my distractions.



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Up until last year everything I've ever known of London was fed to me by television.  As far back as the glorious cartoon, Danger Mouse.  I'm quite certain the vast majority of readers of this blog have no flipping clue about said cartoon.  So there's your Netflix find of the day children!  Go check out Danger Mouse!  You may or may not be sorry.  At the very least it's worth one episode just to hear D. Mouse's sidekick, Penfold, utter the phrase, "Crumbs Chief!"

As the years gave way to age the jabs at Jolly Old England manifested into repetitive viewings of Chevy Chase saying, "Look Kids! Big Ben!  Parliment!"  Again I say if you've never seen National Lampoons European Vacation, shame on you!  It's mindless brilliance! 

After movies and tv there was the obvious musical influence from The Beatles to The Clash to my current English royalty of Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls.  Are you noticing a pattern here?  GO LISTEN TO ANY OF THE THREE!  You won't regret it.  If you haven't heard the Beatles, for the love of John Lennon get your arse's off the couch and plugged in!

Beyond TV, Movie and musical the only logical choice left was to visit London and form opinions beyond that of an  animated mouse.  Even in freezing conditions London is brilliant! I'll never forget the ride up to the White Cliffs of Dover and seeing that sight with my own two eyes. Not every photo opportunity presented can be lush blue skies and happy go lucky slap stick comedy!  Despite this adopted southern boy's love for warmth my  brother and I gutted it out.  Besides, no matter how dark and dreary dear ol' London can be the beer was tasty and the decades old one liners uttered from my brother and I on a daily basis made it feel like a tropical paradise!  

I hope you enjoy the images!


Bastogne.....Walking in the Footsteps of the Men of Easy Company

I don't have too many soap boxes that I stand on.  Especially in today's preach first, think of the consequences to my opinions later Facebook world.  Yet being a veteran will always bring me to express my gratitude and admiration for any of the men and women of this great country of mine, that put on the uniform and serve their country with distinction.

Last year was by far one of the best years of my life.  I spent 30 days in Belgium visiting my brother Travis and it came after an extremely busy Mardi Gras season.  The most amazing part of those 30 days was visiting the Bastogne War Museum as well the surrounding areas.  My brother and I both served as paratroopers in the 82nd Airborne Division.  This is something I am extremely proud of.  

If you've never seen the HBO series, Band of Brothers, then for the love of all that is red, white and blue get off of your binge watching rear ends and watch it!  Band of Brothers is the story of one of the most decorated Army units in our history,  Easy Company of the 101st Airborne.  The entire area surrounding the Bastogne War Museum pays respect to the soldiers who endured freezing cold conditions, a relentless enemy shelling them day and night more hardship than I could possibly fathom.  

As my brother and I stepped into the wood line that the men of Easy Company fortified during WWII, flakes of snow began to fall.  It was bitterly cold.  I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with a sense of pride for having served as a paratrooper.  Even if my time was but a  small part of the legacy of being a US Paratrooper it felt surreal standing on the same ground that these giants of history fought on.  It was a moment in time I won't soon forget and I hope you enjoy the images that I captured.  AIRBORNE!  




Melinda & Jared........NAILED IT!

Melinda & Jared Nail........Let me tell you these two spared no expense (by the way guys, I know I already thanked you multiple times for the beyond amazing travel accommodations, but seriously, WOW!  Y'all killed it!) and it showed in every detail of their destination wedding at the Royalton White Sands Resort in Jamaica!

I've known Melinda since near or around 2001.  One large fun fact to know about our friendship is that my dear ol' pal was one of my first, if not my first, bold and daring friends to volunteer themselves to my very early days of photography while studying the discipline at the Art Institute of Atlanta.  I must admit I didn't do her many favors in some instances but in other cases, (editors note I literally just decided to post one of the "better" images that we collaborated on! Sorry not sorry Mel!) the end result wasn't too shabby.  No matter the photographic outcome,  our friendship has remained in tact.  In the time that we've known one another there have been some life altering events in both our lives.  Some for the positive, i.e. Melinda's handsome son Cash, and some for the not so positive.  I'll refrain from the details of those events because my blogs are supposed to make you smile.  At least at the bare minimum give a not so subtle side head tilt of understanding from my readers.

Through all of the highs and lows I, along with my trusty photographer counterpart, Trent Spann, (Mad Props to Trent for whom without his expertise and assistance, none of these images would would have came out as fantastic or as brilliant) found ourselves shaking hands with Melinda's class act of a husband to be Jared.  The beautiful couple had a lot of irons in the fire in regards to the almost 40 plus guest list traveling from all corners of the USA and they handled everything like seasoned pros.  From the relatives to the band to the makeup artist to the photographers everyone had a fantastic time.  Having been my second wedding on the Island of Jamaica in a little over a year it did not take me long to remember how much sugar goes into their cocktails.  However the next morning I was quickly reminded of that fact.  Many happy blessings to Melinda and Jared!  Hope to see you both very soon!



Contributing Vendors: Royalton White Sands Resort, Jamaica

Makeup : Makeup by Jentry