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Audrey & Daniel.......Another Fox Bites The Dust

Let me tell you something people.  The key phrases wedding, Nebraska and January have never been anywhere on my priority list.  I mean absolutely no disrespect to my beautiful wee little pint size cousin and her decision to marry her hunka hunka Hubby, Daniel in Omaha, NE in the middle of January.  However I will say that we could have easily had the same beautiful ceremony on the planetary system of Hoth!  It was flippin' cold!  For those of you who have no clue what Hoth is (SHAME ON YOU IF YOU DON'T)!

The last time I saw Audrey was at her older sisters wedding months earlier in the much warmer climate of early October.  Suffice it to say I'm starting to think Alyssa, Audrey's older sister might like me better.  No matter the guesses and despite my incessant complaining about the cold weather in my home state, which by the way solidifies my ascension into almost 100% native of this great Earth's south land and its warmer climates, the wedding of Daniel and Audrey was an absolute fantastic love sit in. Complete with laughing, crying, teeth chattering and joy for all who attended.

Its quite rare to see a couple so young dive so responsibly into marriage as these two.  Granted they've got one of the most ridiculously awesome support teams in their friends and family.  So awesome I'd say that if these two even considered throwing in the towel on their nuptials said support team would give the two of them a world class spiritual talking to and that idea would quickly wash away.

Audrey and Daniel left for Australia mere weeks after the wedding.  Not to honeymoon but to take up residency and begin the first leg of their journey together in the land of the worlds second best Olympic swimmers and the best selling beer of Fosters.  I'm no beer snob but I'm not sure if a man or woman can survive on Fosters alone.  Hopefully the import business is keeping them supplied with better libations than that.  Despite the mediocre beer and apathetic swimming  I know they're making quite the life for themselves down under and they can rest assured that they've earned my respect and they will always have a true believer in New Orleans supporting them and rooting for them.  However if they invite me to renew vows anytime soon I'm going to have to insist they come down south so that I never have to take their photos on a frozen solid pond that made my toes go numb in less than 10 minutes.



Alyssa & Will.........Crazy Like A Fox!

Ok! A year or so ago, in a land of corn far, far, away, Scribner, Nebraska to be exact  (for all intents and purposes to the majority of my readers you will have no idea where in the hell Scribner, NE is.  I lived in Nebraska my entire adolescent life and I needed a map, gps and the actual guidance of how the crow flies just to find this place) The reason for this corn laden rendezvous was to take  engagement portraits of my cousin Alyssa and her fiance Will whose wedding was to take place this past October.  And it happened. And it was Awesome.

I realize I could've ended things with that paragraph but that would exceed new heights of apathy on my part so if you don't mind, a little info on these two ridiculously stellar human beings!

For the record, Alyssa is my second cousin.  So needless to say there is a significant age(and maturity) gap between us which suffice it to say I knew almost nothing about her.  However, she comes from a great blood line so obviously there are no worries with that one.  Her Fiance Will, whom I knew absolutely nothing about, was as I'd been told, " Such a nice boy!"  I didn't doubt the information but years apart or not I have to cling to some semblance of loyalty to the family and looking out for them.  I had no doubts on the way to the engagement shoot about Will, only the damn directions the GPS was taking me, and any lingering doubts were immediately crushed when I pulled up to the house and he offered me some grilled meat and proceeded to tell me he was a Paratrooper in our military.  For those of you who don't know, I, Titus, your humble and faithful neighborhood photographer was once upon a time a Paratrooper  himself.  Point of fact Will might of jumped a few points over Alyssa early but she's back on top.

All joking aside it's been a fantastic last couple years getting a chance to use my photography to get to know my family members.  I couldn't be happier because these "kids" are the tip top of class, respect and overall good looks mountain.  Last October I flew back up to Nebraska and not only got some dope shots of Alyssa & Will but more importantly I spent some amazing time with family that time had kept apart. I'm also pretty sure I helped put Scribner, Ne back on the map!  

Thanks Alyssa & Will, love you guys!





I Love you, Man

I know a fair amount about Samuel RJ Vetter.  I've know Sammy for almost a quarter century.  We've been on the same wrestling team.  I know his two brothers.  Probably been in an argument or a fight with all of them at one point. I know his parents.  Both of whom I've never been in a fight or argument with.  I know Sam's mom Doris was one of my top five teachers of all time.  I know his dad Steve, well, I know Steve didn't kick my ass when I most likely got his son in trouble.  Steve's like a sphinx.  I can't get a read on that guy! ;)

I know Sam married Leah in Omaha in September.  I know that I was honored and humbled that he himself being an artist that I've looked up to most of my adult life asked if I would photograph his wedding.  I know prior to the wedding my meetings with Leah numbered Two!

What I don't know about Leah you could probably fill the Grand Canyon with.  I know that her dress size is mens tube sock, size medium!  I mean jesus this girl is tiny! More importatnly I know  she makes my friend very happy.  What more do I need to know?  However, I do know she is driven. She is a fantastic mother of two beautiful girls.  I know I'm excited to get to know her better.  

Sam and Leah, I couldn't be happier for the two of you.  Leah, keep that boy in check.  He's only had his cat to answer to and now he has three girls in the house which makes him outnumbered.  Sammy boy, I love you, man!