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LOOK! In the sky! Flying Naked Women!

Now that I've got your attention, full disclosure, There isn't a single flying naked woman in this entire post.  I realize I gained a lot of attention from the title and lost probably as many with that first sentence.  Such is the shortened attention span of the digital. 

No matter!  I hope you will settle for the teeth grinding, monsoon engulfed, face melting images from the wettest outdoor excursion I've faced since being in the Airborne Infantry.

Voodoo Fest is a fantastic outdoor festival held in New Orleans, LA every year during all Hallow's Eve.  That's Halloween to you and me folks.  As luck would have it three of my top ten all time favorite bands/performers were on hand this year.  And with that no quit, all go mentality aiding my luck I secured a few vendor passes so that I could capture said favorites with my camera.  Folks, let me tell you that one lesson that I've learned in my short time on this earth is that luck counts for shit and that the universe doesn't care about your plans.

With that being said, of the three bands I was itching to see and photograph, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls got food poisoning and cancelled. Clutch started playing the second a torrential downpour beat the hell out of me and the rest of the faithful voodoo attendees.  Jane's Addiction followed and they went off without a hitch.  My camera on the other hand had suffered substantial water damage so I was limited to the amount of quality images I could get from them.

However I must say it was one of the all time greatest moments of my life photographing Clutch in the rain and watching half naked girls suspended above Jane's Addiction.  Not to mention a few moments watching Ozzy with guest guitarist Tom Morello(who I actually met a few days earlier). Working camera or not.  Despite the shenanigans. I got some kick ass images of some of the greatest rock bands around. Find the positive.  Enjoy the photos.  



Fo' Shizzle Brechbizzle!

What can I say about the young and talented Cassidy Brechbill?  One thing is for sure the girl is almost completely water resistant.  I don't make it a point to shoot in the rain but in Cassidy's case we didn't have a choice.  

I would imagine most professional models would've tucked tail and ran when it started to rain on their photo session once.  But twice?  Get the hell out of here!  That would be an almost certainty!  But alas these Midwest girls are tough and made of sterner stuff!  Corn and Omaha steaks I'm guessing.  

In any event my tough girl gutted out not one but two senior portrait sessions in almost torrential downpours.  Neither of us are complaining though because the finished product was nothing short of spectacular!  Good luck in the future kid!  Now and again it will rain on your future plans but you're a badass.  You'll come out squeaky clean!



Twice the Titus!!!

Meet my pal Jaime.  I want you all to stop for a moment and recognize the second smartest, cutest and all around coolest human to ever represent the name Titus!  

Miss Jaime doesn't have the luck to wear this name first like I do but it's an imperfect world folks. Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.  Aside from that this kid is a special fixture in the Childers clan.  While I was back home I took her senior portraits under the watchful eye of her boyfriend, my nephew, Alex.  

Jaime, you killed this photo shoot girl!  Keep smiling and be yourself.  If you follow these guidelines you might possibly take over the number 1 spot of smartest, cutest and all around coolest Titus to walk the earth!  Editors note...... I will not relinquish this title without a fight!



Friday Night Lights!

Grant Fox is rapidly becoming a legend at Aurora High School.  Is it because of his excellent skills on the football field?  His Wit, charm and overall pleasant demeanor?  Possibly.  The most likely scenario is that this kid is my second cousin.  Therefore he shares my blood.  Which in turn is the most likely reason of his rapidly approaching legendary status.  It's a hard legacy to leave my friend. But Heavy lies the crown as they say!

I'm only mostly joking.  The solid truth is that Grant is a great kid.  I'm proud to be related to him.  However all props go out to his parents for raising a fine young man.  They get the props for good parenting but Grant and I get the props for the bad ass photos!  BOOM!!  Take that y'all!