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Miss Sophie Bricker.....The Eyes have it!

Sophie, The Whole World.  The Whole World, Sophie.  I think that it's important that we take this time to reflect on a couple points of fact.  #1  Sophie is as intelligent as she is gifted.  and #2 Since she is a native daughter of my mother land and the self proclaimed "Good Life" state of Nebraska, I feel like I should point out that she made it uncomfortably apparent what little effort that I put into my academics while in high school.  I mean holy crap between her and her sisters(whose senior pics I did two years ago) combined GPA's make my lifetime GPA  look like scratches on Andy Dufrenes cell wall before he learned how to manage pressure and time to escape Shawshank Prison.

Despite my extreme lack of brain straining effort during my High School years one things clear.  Sophie and I make a formidable team.  I met up with Sophie and her mom in Ashland, NE.  There's nothing quite like going to random feel good locations with clients who unload every ounce of trust in your abilities to come back with great portraits.  

At the time of this blog I'm pretty sure Sophie is about half way to her end goal.  I can't thank her or her brilliant family The Strickers(POPPA Stricker thank you for you service to this country!)enough for letting me and Sophie do our thing.  Good luck girl and everyone else keep tunneling through Shawshank!




Amanda & Terry..."A Golden Meadow Wedding", or how to navigate a wedding amidst hundreds of drunk men and women in red dresses!

Do you remember that epic 80's jam by Whitesnake Here I Go Again?  Maybe it'll help to remember the visual of the epically super hot red head, Tawny Kitaen, take a moment to mock her name(like seriously, neither her first or last names are names of any kind.  They are made up hollywood drivel).  Anywho, the reason I bring up that classic car wax commercial based jam is because for the first time ever I want you to read a part of my blog to the melody of Here I Go Again.  So a little bit like, Here I Go again, to blog alone,  when was the last time I Blogged I do not know!  Like a slacker idiot I procrastinate alone.  Busy wedding season fries my dome!  But oh well, like Bob Eucker says, Ah who the hell cares! No bodies listening anyways!

Oh yeah, so on another memory refresh or what I like to call hey jackass show people your work,  I had the great pleasure of tagging along with my pals Terry and Amanda for a blistering warm August ceremony.  Let me tell you something,  I immediately liked Amanda.  Mainly because I believe most folks, especially wedding photographers who have to carry heavy ass equipment around in the blistering heat, will look you dead in the eye and say I'd rather not pay rent this month then suffer outdoor labor in August in New Orleans.  I mean seriously we might as well summer on the Sun for god sakes.  Which leads me back to my boss Bride, Amanda, who I could tell upon one look that this girl is tough.  She carries herself as if to say to hell with it!  If I'm suffering everyone is suffering with me and this way we will also weed out the weak ones which in turn leaves her much more space on stage to shred Rolling on the River, by Tina Turner.

I admire Amanda and Terry for their success in this crazy fish bowl we live in and I can tell they are headed towards a bright future.  A way more less decaying and withering future and appearance the that which is now Tawny Kitaen who looks just dreadful.  I mean seriously I just can't believe its the same person.  Her picture should be put on packs of cigarettes to warn people of the dangers of drugs, alcohol and dating rock stars.  Ok this blog seemed  a bit  spiteful.  But I honestly cannot apologize.  My head is still cooked from working outside in this hot ass state so just give me this one.

Terry and Amanda your wedding rocked!  Never do I believe I can cram as much content into a five hour wedding day as I did for you two.  Fear not  though.  You were both completely worth the effort.  Oh and New Orleans had its annual Red Dress Run during Amanda and Terry's big day. Those knuckleheads wear dresses.  In the heat.  And then they run.  And then drink alcohol all day.  And I thought my head was cooked!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



Contributing Vendors : 

Event Coordinators : Bella Deux     

Reception : The Republic Nola

Videographers : AJM MEDIA

Transportation : Alert Transportation

Ceremony : Holy Name Of Jesus

The Band : DPlay

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It's All Greek to Me! (and a little Belgian too)

Hello out there to all of my friends, family, castaways and  innocent until proven slightly over the legal limit beauties!  It's been a minute or two (thousand) since I've graced the ever so brilliantly depressing landscape of social media with a batch of images and some clever and wacky word play.

Mother Nature has been slapping around her beautiful coastal babies lately.  In my opinion she is showing some excessive force and if she doesn't calm down a wee bit we will just have to get ol' Poseidon to strap a "vest camera" on her to help control and/or monitor her abusive behavior.  In my humble opinion our glorious Mother Nature does in deed provide us with a significantly higher supply of majestic beauty and calm as opposed to the chaos and destruction she has wrought over the last several weeks. However, I ask you all to stay the course!  Be vigilant!  Be United!  After all  Mother Nature is only reacting as we all did a mere few short weeks ago when we all found out that, "WINTER IS COMING!"  Her reaction just packs a bit more punch then the glass shattering shriek you may or may not have heard from my house during the last few episodes of Game of Thrones.

Even though tough times are ahead of our fellow brothers and sisters caught in the paths of  Mother Nature riding Zombie Dragons I have no doubt they will endure and come back better than ever.  The images in this blog are from a short two day trip to Athens, Greece and a few intermingled images from a few more days in and around Brussels, Belgium. Honestly the images  in this blog don't have much to do with my lead in and/or the following paragraph.  Point of fact, there's nigh a connection that I can see.  However, in times of colossal pains in your ass, great loss, and the impending unknown sometimes it is nice to have a distraction.  I hope you enjoy my distractions.



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Rub Some Funk On It! - Funky Tucks & Funky Fox

About five or so years back I was asked by my pal,boss, co-worker and resident funky photographer Doug Keese to hang out on along the parade route and document his funk-tastic wife, Cheyanne, and her very first ride on the Funky Tucks/Funky Fox float which of course is one of the many floats that makes up the Mother Funking Krewe of Tucks.  Like any other Mardis Gras Douglas and I started dipping into the Crown and cokes funking heavy and he asked me if I'd also show up the day before his ride and document the ceremonial Second Line that the Krewe does every year the day before they ride.  I'm not sure if my response was a resounding yes or no but most likely my answer echoed the pitch of a Velociraptor dry heaving into a metal trash can.  

Either way I graciously accepted his funky offer and the rest is history.  Over the last five years I find myself documenting some of the most gracious, funny, and beautiful funky guys and gals that this poor funk has ever had the great pleasure of knowing.  From the funkalicious cage girls shaking their funk trunks.  To the droves of tourists and funky locals lined up and down bourbon street.  To the fabulous staff and atmosphere at the funking amazing Broussards, where we say funk it and finally get inside for some air conditioning.  The Funky Tucks and Funky Foxes know how to step it out and lay the funk down on their annual second line.

Being a transplant to New Orleans I will never be as rooted in the traditions or culture that are so vast but one thing I will say until the day that I die is that I've never been a part of or near a second line, brass band and all, that didn't make me wanna dance, smile and funk it up!  Many thanks to my funk soul brother and sister Doug and Cheyanne for letting me a part of this funk tastic voyage over the last few years.  To the rest of you funky brilliant souls whose radiant glow funking blinds my camera year in and year out, Funk you very much!



RIDE OR DIE'S!!!!.............The Tucksedeauxs

It certainly doesn't go unnoticed by me that I am 100% certified one lucky bastard!!  I'm lucky to have the quality of friends and family that have my back and allow me to thrive in my profession.  The Tucksedeauxs are on the top of that short list of quality lunatics that I keep so closely to my chest.

Every year now for the last three years I have had the dubious honor of being dubbed the official photographer for this glorious Krewe of weirdos.  Now before you think I'm taking jabs at them you should know that I LOVE WEIRDO'S!!  This group is nothing short of brilliantly strange, ridiculously devoted and exhaustingly dedicated to the New Orleans tradition of Mardi Gras!

Based on the slew of labels I've given them each and every on of them may breathe a comforted sigh of relief knowing that any and all images posted are carefully selected and never incriminating! ;)  Nothing but the best for my RIDE OR DIE Family!!!!!!!  

Until Next Year You Beautiful Lunatics!!


(Not pictured - Angry Mobs around centuries old monuments, Dignity & Jeffery Wunder)


Up until last year everything I've ever known of London was fed to me by television.  As far back as the glorious cartoon, Danger Mouse.  I'm quite certain the vast majority of readers of this blog have no flipping clue about said cartoon.  So there's your Netflix find of the day children!  Go check out Danger Mouse!  You may or may not be sorry.  At the very least it's worth one episode just to hear D. Mouse's sidekick, Penfold, utter the phrase, "Crumbs Chief!"

As the years gave way to age the jabs at Jolly Old England manifested into repetitive viewings of Chevy Chase saying, "Look Kids! Big Ben!  Parliment!"  Again I say if you've never seen National Lampoons European Vacation, shame on you!  It's mindless brilliance! 

After movies and tv there was the obvious musical influence from The Beatles to The Clash to my current English royalty of Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls.  Are you noticing a pattern here?  GO LISTEN TO ANY OF THE THREE!  You won't regret it.  If you haven't heard the Beatles, for the love of John Lennon get your arse's off the couch and plugged in!

Beyond TV, Movie and musical the only logical choice left was to visit London and form opinions beyond that of an  animated mouse.  Even in freezing conditions London is brilliant! I'll never forget the ride up to the White Cliffs of Dover and seeing that sight with my own two eyes. Not every photo opportunity presented can be lush blue skies and happy go lucky slap stick comedy!  Despite this adopted southern boy's love for warmth my  brother and I gutted it out.  Besides, no matter how dark and dreary dear ol' London can be the beer was tasty and the decades old one liners uttered from my brother and I on a daily basis made it feel like a tropical paradise!  

I hope you enjoy the images!


Audrey & Daniel.......Another Fox Bites The Dust

Let me tell you something people.  The key phrases wedding, Nebraska and January have never been anywhere on my priority list.  I mean absolutely no disrespect to my beautiful wee little pint size cousin and her decision to marry her hunka hunka Hubby, Daniel in Omaha, NE in the middle of January.  However I will say that we could have easily had the same beautiful ceremony on the planetary system of Hoth!  It was flippin' cold!  For those of you who have no clue what Hoth is (SHAME ON YOU IF YOU DON'T)!

The last time I saw Audrey was at her older sisters wedding months earlier in the much warmer climate of early October.  Suffice it to say I'm starting to think Alyssa, Audrey's older sister might like me better.  No matter the guesses and despite my incessant complaining about the cold weather in my home state, which by the way solidifies my ascension into almost 100% native of this great Earth's south land and its warmer climates, the wedding of Daniel and Audrey was an absolute fantastic love sit in. Complete with laughing, crying, teeth chattering and joy for all who attended.

Its quite rare to see a couple so young dive so responsibly into marriage as these two.  Granted they've got one of the most ridiculously awesome support teams in their friends and family.  So awesome I'd say that if these two even considered throwing in the towel on their nuptials said support team would give the two of them a world class spiritual talking to and that idea would quickly wash away.

Audrey and Daniel left for Australia mere weeks after the wedding.  Not to honeymoon but to take up residency and begin the first leg of their journey together in the land of the worlds second best Olympic swimmers and the best selling beer of Fosters.  I'm no beer snob but I'm not sure if a man or woman can survive on Fosters alone.  Hopefully the import business is keeping them supplied with better libations than that.  Despite the mediocre beer and apathetic swimming  I know they're making quite the life for themselves down under and they can rest assured that they've earned my respect and they will always have a true believer in New Orleans supporting them and rooting for them.  However if they invite me to renew vows anytime soon I'm going to have to insist they come down south so that I never have to take their photos on a frozen solid pond that made my toes go numb in less than 10 minutes.



Sarah & John.........A Wedding Less Ordinary (aka, Simplicity & Design)

Sarah & John!  John & Sarah!  No matter how I say it these two wickedly fierce friends of mine just go together like PB & J, NOLA & Mardi Gras, or to put a Forrest Gump stamp on them, like Peas & Carrots!  However in no way is John simple like Forrest nor is Sarah a wicked mean heartbreaker like Jenny.  C'mon!!  Don't be so sensitive.  We all know Forrest should've given up on Jenny after the first 30 minutes of that movie.

It's no secret that I like to get to know my couples as best I can prior to their big day.  Sometimes though it isn't always possible to grab a pre-wedding day Purple Drink and get to the core of what makes my couples tick.  Luckily that wasn't the case for me with these two.  Give or take a couple of years back I was contacted by Sarah to do some photography for her brilliant online fashion publication, Felicity Magazine.  Fashion/Portrait Photography was (and still is) a big part of my early days/College years of becoming a photographer.  Sarah set up a nice in home studio space for the photo shoot which was nice for the creative team to have room to work yet close enough to engage in idle chit chat or random playful shenanigans.  Some of the collaborators on our first shoot I was already acquainted with but it was my first meeting with Sarah.  Within about five minutes Sarah and I were like Forrest and Bubba.  Only with a higher IQ!  Well, Sarah at least.  Sarah has since been a fierce friend and since her and John are by far one of the most ridiculously compatible couples ever him and I had no problem smoking and joking on the porch during breaks in the photo shoot.  Plus we are both veterans which always makes the beers and conversation flow much more smoothly.

It wasn't much longer after that first photo shoot that my new pal John couldn't resist locking this girl down and he popped the question to which Sarah emphatically agreed.  Well I'm speculating on the emphatic part since I wasn't present for the proposal but these two are ridiculously head over heels for each other so that's the description I'm sticking with.  One thing I'm 100% certain of is when Sarah asked if I would photograph their wedding I emphatically agreed with school girl like squeal.  Re-enactments of said squeal will be performed by me upon request for 10 bucks or two cold pints of Guinness!

John & Sarah's wedding day was as unique and humble as the couple themselves.  Sarah and her fantastic group of beautiful yet absolutely party ready Bridesmaids got ready at Sarah's house.  As if there would be any other place they would get ready!  If we can do a photo shoot with hair stylists, makeup artists, creative directors, models, photographers and crazy small dogs running wild then her house could handle that crew!  They had a New Years Eve wedding held outdoor in New Orleans City Park followed by their reception held at Ralph's almost directly across the street.  Much like the adoring couple, Life isn't without a sense of humor.

Almost immediately after the ladies were dressed and ready to depart for the ceremony the heavens opened up and stayed open the entire night.  And holy crap when I say it rained I mean I was about an inch of water away from breaking down the custom alter John & Sarah stood under and constructing it into an arch to load family and friends onto so they could row over to the reception! The weather didn't sour anyones mood nor did it hinder the one of a kind sparkler adorned processional which was accompanied by two of the couples good friends performing a tune written just for John & Sarah.  Everyone stayed moderately dry under the tent for an intimate and hysterical ceremony.  Then once vows and rings were exchanged these two beautiful love sick newlyweds headed out of the tent and without hesitation or even a slight frown or a stink eye to the sky they began wading through ankle deep puddles and a torrential downpour for their second line. Seeing them laugh and dance whilst being pummeled by rain was an epic sight to behold!

I don't know much but what I do know is that relationships of any kind can be a challenge.  I wish I could say that every couple I've ever met and/or photographed lived happily ever after but that isn't the case.  However I do believe in these two and their marriage.  I would confidently bet my soul on them being together forever.  Or until the rains wash us away or until being friends with me gives one or both of them a heart attack.  I am proud to call them my friends and I couldn't have been happier seeing them tie the knot.  John & Sarah, just for the record, please don't make me lose my bet.  I'm quite attached to my soul.



Contributing Vendors 

Ceremony : City Park, New Orleans, LA

Hair Stylists : Hans & Adrian Billot, The BeKrewe

Makeup : Midori Makeup Artistry, Midori-Tajiri Byrd

Brass Band - Second Line Band : Andrews Family Brass Band   

Band - Sweet Crude

Reception : Ralph's On The Park

Groom and Groomsmen Attire : John's Tuxedos


Bastogne.....Walking in the Footsteps of the Men of Easy Company

I don't have too many soap boxes that I stand on.  Especially in today's preach first, think of the consequences to my opinions later Facebook world.  Yet being a veteran will always bring me to express my gratitude and admiration for any of the men and women of this great country of mine, that put on the uniform and serve their country with distinction.

Last year was by far one of the best years of my life.  I spent 30 days in Belgium visiting my brother Travis and it came after an extremely busy Mardi Gras season.  The most amazing part of those 30 days was visiting the Bastogne War Museum as well the surrounding areas.  My brother and I both served as paratroopers in the 82nd Airborne Division.  This is something I am extremely proud of.  

If you've never seen the HBO series, Band of Brothers, then for the love of all that is red, white and blue get off of your binge watching rear ends and watch it!  Band of Brothers is the story of one of the most decorated Army units in our history,  Easy Company of the 101st Airborne.  The entire area surrounding the Bastogne War Museum pays respect to the soldiers who endured freezing cold conditions, a relentless enemy shelling them day and night more hardship than I could possibly fathom.  

As my brother and I stepped into the wood line that the men of Easy Company fortified during WWII, flakes of snow began to fall.  It was bitterly cold.  I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with a sense of pride for having served as a paratrooper.  Even if my time was but a  small part of the legacy of being a US Paratrooper it felt surreal standing on the same ground that these giants of history fought on.  It was a moment in time I won't soon forget and I hope you enjoy the images that I captured.  AIRBORNE!  




Shelby G.......We All Float Down Here! (Well at least one of us does)

Yes I realize that the caption of this blog will make you think of scary as all hell clowns and for that I do apologize.  With that being said I hope you can find the funny in it as well.  I know that my subject Shelby can and she was the one freezing her tiny little hiney off for this entire shoot.

Sometimes there are creative itches that just need to be scratched.  Hence this fun little collaboration with Shelby and my good pal and videographer extraordinaire, Kyle.  Kyle had a prop from a film that he'd worked on collecting dust in his back yard and we decided it would be pretty cool to fill it with water and submerge some poor young beautiful soul within it.  Enter Miss Shelby Griggs!  With makeup and other finishing touches provided by the brilliant Midori, we utilized two set ups, one indoor and one outdoor, and what you see in front of you are my images from both set ups.

I can't say enough about Shelby and her steadfast professionalism and overall bubbly attitude in the midst of a freezing cold environment.  We were constantly heating buckets of water on a stove to add to her enclosure to make it tolerable.  In spite of the weather making the water colder faster than we could make it warm Shelby gutted it up and was soon rewarded with a warmer environment in doors.  These type of shoots sound good in our heads but can always deliver less than fine results given the elements provided but thanks to my kick ass team I couldn't have predicted a better outcome.  We hope you enjoy them!




Hair and Make up by : Midori-Tajiri-Byrd